At a time of local economic change and when corporate policyholders were becoming increasingly demanding in their requirements, PRFC was created in 2000 to meet the specific needs of a small group of sophisticated clients, many of whom were experiencing rapid growth and were facing the associated Risk Management challenges associated with accelerating change.


This resulted in our ground-up approach in re-inventing the process of administering customers’ portfolios, taking a critical look at how we could improve the way that the Broking market had traditionally dealt with managing the Insurance programmes of both startup and established companies.


In the 22 years since our inception, our client base has grown steadily, and we are proud to have some of the most recognized and respected names in local and regional business as our customers. With our objective of providing the highest levels of service backed by our team of experienced, qualified and committed professionals, we continue to enjoy the opportunity to assist our customers in achieving their own goals.


The hawk's head archer in our logo represents the focus, precision & strength with which we deploy our targeted efforts, and the vitality of the PRFC team.


Our colours of blue and black respectively evoke the trust and reliance our clients place in us, and the clarity, depth and power of our solutions.

Insurance Broker Trinidad


We were deeply saddened at the passing of Peter M.G. Farah, our co-founder and Chairman, on the 18th December 2015.

Starting off his career in the early 1950's, he followed in the footsteps of his father George Farah at Agostini Brothers, an already highly-respected Agency business in Trinidad & Tobago. The company was soon at the forefront of moving the local market towards a full Broking model, eventually evolving into Agostini Insurance Brokers Limited. Under his influence, the firm grew to assume a dominant position in the local Insurance Industry.

With the formation of PRFC in 2000, he continued to raise the bar, with the core focus of providing customers with Simply Outstanding Service. His unique approach will live on at PRFC, where he will be remembered for his pioneering spirit, his commitment to leading a principled life and for his absolute dedication to our staff and our clients.